Monday, 18 February 2013

Simply a moment - - - Mother Nature's Jewels

10.44 - Saturday 16th February 2013

- - - the car climbs steadily up the Sloc - and the higher we climb the more we are enveloped by the mist - until the Artisan switches on the headlights. "I was really psyched up for a nice weekend" he says - disappointment tinged his voice - and I smiled ruefully - yesterday was so lovely I thought - why couldn't it have stayed bright for one more day? He works so hard - his weekends so precious - and when he can't get out to enjoy the great outdoors he gets so down. My thoughts wander. As always  - I find myself surprised by the clarity of colours on these damp grey days - an unexpected gift that never ceases to surprise me. The bare branches of the fuchsia hedges are the most glorious golden honey brown - - and the moss and ferns bright jewels of emerald green - - - on the radio Prince sings The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - the melody is so lovely and I find my eyes filling with tears. I look hastily away, I don't want the Artisan to see that today I am not really coping well, I don't on grey days - I gaze unseeing out the window, battling hard with my feelings of loss - I win - my thoughts drifting back to the wonderful colours Mother Nature paints our world with, until suddenly we are almost in Purt ny Hinshey - I drag my head back to the present - - we are pulling into Fenella beach car park - a walk round the castle walls by the sea and a quick drop in at the kipper factory for todays tea beckons - - -
Alexa at Trimming the Sails runs this meme each month - if you pop over to visit her here - you will find lots more "moments". Go on - you know you want to - and maybe you have a moment of your own to share too?

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  1. Jen, You describe this moment so well, I can feel his disappointment, your love for him and the struggle to overcome the sadness. I am glad you were able to, hope the walk and tea were lovely.

  2. You have a talent for observing and recording so vividly ... both what is inside and outside, and how they mesh together. I understand only a little of your very great loss , and find myself very moved. Continuing to think of you. And in the midst of it all, my spirits lifted when you drew my attention to nature and what she provides even on the greyest of days. Thank- you for the mention and for joining in this month and I hope you found something in it too :).

  3. I am so glad that you can still see the beauty of things, even in your sadness ..the human spirit is a wonderful are so often in my thoughts and prayers
    Alison xx

  4. Your sadness is heart breaking. Thank you for sharing the beauty you saw.

  5. Described so well that you brought us along. Glad you were able to fight a little against the greyness you were feeling. Thanks for sharing.


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