Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday Words - - - Wind

If you haven’t already noticed I do love words – I write way too much – and maybe you think I do witter on – so if so – my apologies! I also find writers who can paint pictures with their words truly inspirational – and at the moment am finding myself remembering snippets of lines and words (and even whole poems ) more than I ever used to - -  - perhaps its a sign of old age!!
The change to the more seasonal autumn weather has caused all sorts of words to come floating to the surface of my brain – things I thought I had forgotten from childhood  - (this post was the first of them)
Today the sky has been stormy all day , heavy, menacing clouds pinned to the sky like a dark grey curtain, draped & looped back with tiebacks of unexpected silver light– and tonight the wind has risen  - so tonight  - I can’t get this out of my head - - -
Sometimes the wind has a voice like the sea,
I hear it when I’m in my bed,
Softly it sings as it scurries around,
In the chimney pots high overhead.

Sometimes it shouts like a boisterous giant,
With a blustery, flustery roar,
Then whistles and sighs as it spins on the roof,
And rattles the latch on the door.

But here inside, we are safe and secure,
By the fire all cosy and warm,
So softly it sighs, as it taps on the pane,
Won’t you please let me in from the storm?
I can no longer remember who wrote this, or even if I have actually remembered it correctly as it doesn’t feel quite right – it was in a book of “Bedtime Stories” I think – no idea who might have published it - -but am  not sure. I only remember how a picture appeared in my head as mummy read it aloud to me – and I can still see the page in the book in my minds eye - - so clearly - - with the illustration of the wind , a face with huge cheeks blowing swirls onto the page. Mainly black & white with occasional blocks of colour - - - -
I must be in my second childhood - -  something from so long ago still surfacing when I hear the wind outside - -  but maybe not - - especially as I now have a real fire again. I don’t know who wrote this poem – but it still it paints pictures in my mind – so the writer is inspirational for me – and I am truly grateful to whoever they may be - - if my memory is at fault and you know the correct words – please let me know!!
Please feel free to leave a little comment if you stop by.
Gura mie ayd,  J x


  1. Jinnag, my favourite time at the beach is when it is wild and stormy I love the feel of the spray and the wind whipping all around me, this is a lovely piece.

  2. What a nice poem, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I will be doing JYC this year, it's too exciting to miss!

  3. lovely words, you paint such a cosy picture.


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