Saturday, 23 April 2016

And I love a garden - -

- - in the spring -and today is beautifully sunny - even if there is still a chill to the wind. We went on our usual drive this morning, though this time we didn't stop in Purt Ny Hinshey as would be the norm - I think the car knows the way!!
Instead we carried on to Rhumsaa - specifically to Milntown - just to take in the beauty of the gardens. It is after all - the nearest we have to a National Trust property - though it is run by its own  Charitable Trust. It is a gracious house and used to be a hotel I believe.
I love the gardens and woodland - such a tranquil place to visit - and there were lots of lovely 'secrets" to discover since our last visit. And of course - it has a lovely cafe - who serve the most delicious lunches - from sandwiches on home made bread to a full blown 3 course lunch often made with produce from the garden - and the rest locally sourced.

Camellia, Tree Fern and tree trunk carved into a Fairy House - I just loved it!
There were so many unexpected treasure in the woodland that we hadn't seen before - perfect for the child in all of us!

And of course - we did have a lovely lunch after our wander round the grounds -

 Thanks for dropping in - I  know it has been a while!
'Til later,

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Just lovely to see you! I've been keeping an eye out and hoping all was well. Which it surely is, with these glorious photos. Love the steps up to the tree house - look like a perfect place to spend some happy hours. Hoping you'll keep us posted :).

    1. Thank you for dropping in Alexa - I have been trying to keep up with blogs - but have been so remiss at posting comments!


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