Friday, 4 October 2013

Going Postal - -

- - with Julie at Notes on Paper. I know Julie has hosted this themed blog series a couple of times - and I wished I had known  - but I hadn't really discovered her blog so wasn't able to join in. However star that she is, she is hosting again!!
I have always loved post, real post I mean, not bills! - and anything connected to it, from my very first "Post Office" set - does anyone else remember those cardboard boxes left by Santa Claus containing a mini shop?  I had Post Offices with mini mail, rubber cancellation stamp, ink pad, tiny envelopes and teeny tiny stamp sheets - to real stamps(I collected them for a while!), airmail stickers, cancellation marks and so on, that I really did feel I wanted to a part of this - this time round. I still steam stamps off my mail - especially decorative ones, and am fortunate that my island home has some really attractive stamps - so I can save some unused ones too!
I belong to a craft group here - and a few of the members like to swap ATCs each month, we always have a theme and though I don't always join in, I did this month as for our last meeting the theme was "Recycled" - so I recycled stamps - here they are.  
Thanks for dropping in, don't forget to hop over to see Julie's postal posts - she is sharing some wonderful ideas. I hope to have a few more postal influenced items to share before long.

'til later,

Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. Oh I love the idea of recycling the stamps on ATC! My hubby collects stamps AND trading cards ... hmmm... maybe I could make him a one-of-a-kind set of cards for Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Yes! I remember having a toy Post Office set which I loved.Stamps on ATC's is a great idea

  3. It's surprising [or not, when I come to think of it] just how many of us crafty-types remember playing with a Post Office when we were small! I guess our love of precious paper and rubber stamps was fostered from an early age!

    it's lovely to hear you attend a craft group - we sometimes struggle for members at ours .. and we don't even have the excuse that were on a little island! Your ATCs are lovely and fresh and the stamps were a great way to introduce images to them.

    It's glorious to have you on board the post train - thank you for finding the time. I've popped your posty-post on the posty-themed board now:

    Thanks Jennie!

    Julie :-)

  4. Oh, I remember playing post offices too! That's a very neat idea, using stamps on ATCs - they are such a good size for each other and their prettiness really gets a chance to shine.


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