Thursday, 25 April 2013

Simply a moment - - April

Tuesday - 23rd April 2013 - - 9.36am

sunlight streams through the window  - - I can see I need to clean them - why does the sun show the grime so clearly - making me feel guilty, I wonder? I find myself thinking once again that I am NOT the worlds greatest housewife  - there always seems to be something much more fun to do than cleaning - I guess it is mainly outside again as we havd has so much rain!!, but  a quick wipe with a window cloth will do no harm  - - - I disturb the crystals hanging there, sending rainbows dancing round the room and covering every surface with splashes of colour - tears well up at the memory of my son as a tiny boy chasing the dancing colours to try and catch them - laughing delightedly as the crystals swung on their slender silver threads - - -

I mop up my tears - trying very, very hard to recover the joy and smiles this thought used to give me, put the window cloths away and put the kettle on - isn't tea the world's most wonderful remedy for everything?
Once a month Alexa at Trimming the Sails asks us to take a moment - to really look , think , and feel it - so once again I'm linking up with Alexa who runs this meme each month. (I'm very "late to the party" this time but without Alexa and Sian my blog would have had no posts this year and I am very grateful to them both for giving me something I could be a part of )- if you pop over to visit her here- you will find lots more "moments". Off you go - you know you want to - and maybe you have a moment of your own to share too?

Thanks for stopping by

'til later
Bannaghtyn, J x


  1. You are most welcome at any time :) and it was lovely to see your name pop up in my reader. The poignancy of your moment left me with a catch in my throat - loss touches us at all kinds of moments when we least expect it. I do love your cheering comment about tea - in our house, we say "There's always tea"" in a consoling way! Thank-you so much for linking in and enriching the month ... Xx alexa

  2. Alexa is right...loss and grief often creep up totally unexpectedly and catch us unawares...thanks for sharing such a precious memory
    Alison xx

  3. Funny how something as mundane as a dirty window can bring forth such a poignant moment, thank you for sharing, Jen. I am happy that Storytelling Sunday, Simply a Moment and now Month in Numbers have given you purpose in blogging. You might enjoy Just a Cuppa Tea with Abi on the 27th of each month...


Hi and welcome - thanks for taking the time to let me know you called.


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