Thursday, 21 March 2013

Simply a Moment - - - -

Wednesday  20th March 2013 - - 9.57am

I look round the cottage - checking off in my head that all is as it needs to be - cutters and scoreboard on the side table, Cuttlebug & dies on the chest, the dining table "set" with "messy mats" in all 3 places (large plastic carrier bags cut in half make excellent "messy mats"!!!), glues in the centre along with Distress inks and my Inkylicious Blending brushes - yes everything ready.
I move to the sink and fill the kettle before returning to the table to remove our project from its protective bubble wrap bag  - - -  as I hold the album in my hands its satisfying weight gives me a small frisson of pleasure - now it is filling with photos it is beginning to feel like a REAL potential heirloom and I find myself wondering which page my friends will want to do do today. I place it in the centre of the table alongside the inks and brushes.
The kettle is reaching the boil so I quickly reach cups and coffee out of the cupboard so brewing up will be easy for us. A brief glance at the clock tells me they will soon be here so I pick up my own "in progress album" from my craft bag, the one I am making alongside them ; not only because they are slightly less experienced crafters than I , but so I have 2 albums almost alike - one for each of my daughters.
 - - - movement at the window catches my eye and means L------ and R---- have arrived - - - the cottage is suddenly filled with warm greetings, the bustle of unpacking craft bags and cheerful voices as we settle down for a morning's crafting together - - - -
I'm linking up with Alexa at Trimming the Sails  who runs this meme each month - if you pop over to visit her here- you will find lots more "moments". Go on - you know you want to - and maybe you have a moment of your own to share too?

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 'til later,  Bannaghtyn J xx


  1. Oh, what a perfect description of what I am sure was an absolutely wonderful afternoon with friends. I could just feel the excitement building and wanted so much to join you three. Here's to many more such afternoons...and moments.

  2. I do hope your morning was as enjoyable as you were anticipating....a lovely moment
    Alison xx

  3. Oh, I am so sorry that I didn't realise earlier that you were here with your moment ... What a cosy, warm and gently exciting scene you paint of anticipation of crafting in company! I love your depiction of holding your album in your hands and enjoying the feel of it :). Thank-you so much for joining in this month, and I will do my very best to find a way of being more alert to when people post. So glad I popped in today and sending you warmest good wishes ...


Hi and welcome - thanks for taking the time to let me know you called.


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