Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Simply a moment - - - Robin

Photo from rspb.org.uk

12.25 - Monday 21st January 2013
I sit down with my lunch sandwich  - heavy grey skies - with their threat of snow - have kept the whole morning dark and somewhat gloomy in the garden - -

Through the window I can see large wet flakes of snow drifting steadily down - melting as they land. The roof of the greenhouse is beginning to turn white, yet it looks too wet to really stick - and on the post robin stands  - a small, fat, round, red, grey and brown ball of fluff - giving some  indication of how cold it might be out there. He flutters up to the bird table and tucks in greedily to the scraps of bacon fat I snipped up and put out earlier - before disappearing into the high hedges - what disturbed him I wonder - then see a flash of red through the hedge as someone comes down the path to a neighbouring cottage.
A car swishes past on the road  - just above my head, and as the blue tits suddenly appear on the bird feeder, the blackbird scurries out from behind the bench to take advantage of the infinitesimal bits of fat and nuts that fall as they feed. I am just thinking to myself that the agility of these tiny birds is amazing - when to my astonishment robin flies up to the hanging fat block to join them  - he frightens them of course - and they are gone in a flurry of flashing yellow and tiny wings, but robin manages to hang on - upside down and clinging on desperately it seems - long enough to snatch a few beakfulls of food before flapping his wings madly and landing on his favourite post. The Rayburn is warm on my back -  - I sit watching a little longer as the blue tits return - - The kettle behind me begins to sing - and I rise - coffee calls methinks - - -

Alexa at Trimming the Sails runs this meme each month - if you pop over to visit her here - you will find lots more "moments". Go on - you know you want to -

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  1. I can spend ages watching the birds in my garden, keep warm xx

  2. what a wonderful scene you painted. I'd love to have bird feeders but I'm afraid the feral cats - I live in the city - would be their nemesis.

    thx for sharing that great zen moment!

  3. What a lovely moment you've captured here!

  4. Wonderfully pictured in words :) - and how amazing that the robin took to trying to behave like a blue tit! Species do clearly learn from each other ... Oh, a Rayburn! I am filled with nostalgia for that gentle and constant heat. We had one in our first house, model number one, built in 1905 - the memory of your moment has generated one for me too! Thank-you so much for linking up; it's been a pleasure to be here.

  5. A lovely moment :) I love watching birds - unfortunately we have too many local cats so our attempts to feed the birds have not been successful, one way or another :(

  6. What a lovely little drama the birds were treating you to. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh I love watching the birds - we have the dining table close to the window so I can see the feeders. Had to find a photo of a robin acting like a hummingbird to show people - they work so hard to get some of the food. Which reminds me, we need to put out more fat balls.

  8. Thank you for sharing, the description of the Rayburn warmed me.


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