Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Crowd Control - - - -

- -  seems to have been my lot this morning in the school hall. Today the annual "photo shoot" took place - with the official schoo photographer in for the morning. It was slightly manic to say the least, as for school staff to link up the photo with the student's records they need to be in a certain order!!! So today I have learned that a large percentage of our new intake do not understand the concept of alphabetical order!! And I used to think that Lower school were easier to deal with!!
However it is over for another year - and it is a distinct possibility that it will be my last crowd control session - at least I hope it is as Its very hard on my voice and my feet!! I seem to have to walk miles - and its only in the hall!


  1. I remember the 'school photo' days well...have a rest tonight!
    Alison xx

  2. That doesn't sound much fun. :( Are you thinking of leaving? Hope the week improves!

  3. Hello :) I don't think we ever had a school photo like this, at least none that I remember!


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