Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Food for Thought - -

- - I was just bloghopping around a few classmates blog this morning before work and happened upon Amye's post here. It really gave me food for thought - as I realised thatI don't actually know what makes me choose a book. I am a browser in bookshops & libraries picking up titles that catch my attention - I usually read the first 2/3 pages and if I then want to turn over to read the next page I buy/borrow the book. I dip in and out of reading these days - I don't seem to be able fit everything in - so reading is easiest to put on the back burner.
When I was a girl and younger woman I read voraciously and would stay up 'til all hours to finish a book - but 3 children put a stop to that particular gallup, and I find I no longer read a great deal unless I am on holiday. I do go back to favourite authors from my younger days now to re read books I know I really enjoyed, and I also am planning on re reading some classics - DH Lawrence and Laurie Lee are waiting on my bedside table, and I am currently re reading a book by Anya Seton, which I first read as a 15 year old.
For this - there is a back story - so perhaps it is outside influences that set my reading patterns? Mmmmm - one for me to think on. - - as for the back story - that will have to be left for later.
In Shimelle's class the prompt today is about lists or favourites - so right now

1 - Book - I am reading The Hearth & Eagle by Anya Seton
2 - Music - Currently listening to soundtrack from Les Miserables
3 - Making - Mini album in a decorated wooden cigar box
4 - Colour - Lush rich fuchsia pinks are my favourites at the moment
5 - Planning - a trip to see my daughters

Thanks for stopping by
Bannaghtyn Jx


  1. Hi, saw you were doing this class so thought I would pop over!
    I'm just like you about reading, used to always have my nose in a book, have more time to do that again now. Have read all Anya Seton books and loved Cider with Rosie x

  2. Great post!!!! I'm also in the class. xoxo

  3. Found you through BFS. I'm into pinks now, too.

  4. Your post made me chuckle because I will stay up all night to read a book and just did it last Sunday and have been out of sync all week at work because my sleep pattern is all messed up. But I can't help myself!

  5. Hello! I'm a fellow classmate in Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class. Looking forward to your posts!


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