Sunday, 28 March 2010

The first day of spring

official that is - at least here in this hemisphere anyway. And I have lost my mojo somewhere - if you find it please send it back!!
I have been a very poor blogger of late - lost my mojo and done nothing creative except shuffle papers from one place to another without actually making anything at all - so what was the need to keep this blog up to date as I started it as a place to upload my "makings"????
I have signed up for Shimelle's new class in the hope it would give me the kick start I am so desperately in need of - and as usual it is a brilliant class - with some awesome participants, whose work is fabulous as always - but me - did I make any pages? start an album? make a hole in some of my stash? A resounding NO!! And I do feel as if I am letting myself down - as I so WANT to make something - but am not!! Not sure I actually know what to do about it - since I have already tried the suggestions my classmates have made for others in a similar situation - - I haven't even made one post on the class forum for this class - which is unlike me. So - what now?? Any ideas gratefully received - please feel free to leave a little comment if you stop by. :)

Gura mie ayd Jx

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  1. I'm in the same boat with this class. Have the album, have the stash, just not sure if I can touch anything and let it turn into awesome.
    Good luck! If I get some inspiration, I will send it your way!


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