Monday, 26 October 2009

First lessons - -

- - the Blogging Blueprint landed in my inbox today from Shimelle's class - and true to form the clarity of her words and tips makes everything so easy to understand. She is a gifted teacher in my opinion - and as one of her regular online students I think I am a lucky lady to have her inspire me the way she does. Already I learned something I hadn't managed to find out for myself - so hope to improve both my blogs as a result of the class.

Its half term here - so I actually have a few days off - Hurrah! It does mean I can do a bit of crafting I hope - the trouble is time just seems to slip through my fingers like water!!
I guess I can live in hope though.
Thanks for stopping by.
Gura mie ayd, J x


  1. Jinnag, I am so motivated I wish the class had started :) I look forward to learning alongside you. I read back through quite a few of your posts and every one contains a pearl of wisdom...that's what I learnt today ;)I'll be following you!

  2. I agree - with you, that Shimelle is very clear and inspiring, and with Beverly, that I'm following you too!!

    Thanks for calling by my blog, and for your kind comment :-)

    Looking forward to sharing the BFS class with you!


Hi and welcome - thanks for taking the time to let me know you called.


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